Indiana Recycling Coalition is now Circular Indiana

This America Recycles Day, the Indiana Recycling Coalition announces its new name, Circular Indiana, and reveals its updated identity and website, As Circular Indiana, the organization is expanding beyond recycling, capturing opportunities, and aligning itself with the changing landscape of sustainable materials management.

The organization was formed 32 years ago and has evolved significantly over that span of time. In 1989, recycling was still somewhat of a novel concept in Indiana and not yet widely available across the state. Thanks in part to our education and advocacy efforts, over 90% of households in Indiana have access to recycling in one form or another. Even so, the state’s recycling rate languishes below 20%, despite having a 50% recycling goal. 

“Many challenges still exist in our current linear approach to materials. Indiana has an incredible opportunity to embrace a more circular economy to generate growth, create jobs, and strengthen supply chains,” states Allyson Mitchell, Circular Indiana’s Executive Director. “We are ready to leverage our state’s unique strengths–manufacturing industry, transportation network, and geographic position–to create benefits for individuals, businesses, and communities. Now is the moment, and Circular Indiana is here to lead it.”

Waste is a major problem for our economy, environment, and communities. The circular economy expands upon the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle and addresses these problems by eliminating waste, capturing resources, and restoring nature.

As Circular Indiana board member Ken Miller states, “Hoosiers are already familiar with recycling, but may not be as familiar with the concept of the circular economy and how it expands upon recycling. By rethinking our relationship with materials and transforming waste streams into valuable resources, we are essentially flipping the concept of waste on its head.”

In response to many global, national, and community initiatives around circular economy benefits as well as evolving industry perspectives on material, supply, and productivity.

“Recycling, on its own, is clearly not getting us where we need to be in terms of resource efficiency and long-term sustainability,” states Circular Indiana’s Board President Pamela Francis. “It’s time to think more holistically about our relationship with materials at every step in their life cycle. The circular economy is the next frontier for resource management and addresses systemic design flaws in our current linear economy, and we are leaning into our role as thought leaders in this space.”

As part of the rename and rebrand, Circular Indiana is rolling out additional educational and advocacy resources on their new website,

“Circular Indiana remains focused on education and advocacy programs to achieve our mission. Recycling is an important part of the circular economy, so we will always help you recycle right. But we’ll also help you rethink your relationship with ‘stuff,’” remarks Circular Indiana Programs Manager, Marla Cherney. “Our new website re-emphasizes the other aspects of a circular economy such as reducing, redesign, and repair in addition to recycling.”

Circular Indiana is also unveiling a new look, which offers a fresh perspective on its previous logo while expanding its branding in alignment to its mission.

“We’re so excited for this new identity and brand because it elevates our ability to connect with Hoosiers and provide a focal point for circular economy practices in Indiana,” states Morgan Hartman, Marketing and Communications Manager for Circular Indiana. “Designing with it has already been so much fun. We really enjoyed working with local designer Lars Lawson of Timber Design Co. throughout this process.”

The public is invited to check out the new look at a popup celebration today at Davlan Park on Mass Ave from 11-1. The organization invites you to participate in the celebration by becoming a Circular Indiana member online. New and renewing members will also receive a gift.

About Circular Indiana

Circular Indiana is a statewide for-impact, 501(c)(3) organization that convenes our members to educate, advocate, and innovate towards a better future for Indiana. We focus on uniting individuals, businesses, community organizations, and state and local governments to work together to strengthen the circular economy.

Founded in 1989 as the Indiana Recycling Coalition, Circular Indiana inspires the Indiana community to think and act beyond recycling and towards a more circular economy in Indiana. We are not a government entity and we rely on support from our sponsors and donors. Your support matters; what you give comes back to you.