Cheer Campaign in full swing

The Crawfordsville High School and Tri Kappa Sorority Sunshine Society Cheer Campaign is in full swing.

This community outreach program raised more than $20,000 a year ago. This year, the community-minded volunteers aim to raise at least $15,000.

The program is labor intensive, but simple. Volunteers solicit financial donations from the community. The money is converted into Cheer Certificates and will be awarded to local families in need. The certificates can be redeemed at Kroger for food (no alcohol or cigarettes). Families are nominated through referral requests.

Anyone may donate. Some donations are anonymous, some are in memory of family or friends. The Paper of Montgomery County and other media will publish lists with the names of the donations.  It’s important to note that all donations stay in this community.

The Society campaign began 110 years ago.


Please mail all donations (and make checks payable) to: CHS Sunshine Society

PO Box 243

Crawfordsville, IN 47933


Donations: Under way now

Community Referrals: Until Dec. 3

Community Donations: Until mid-January