Lucas Ranard awarded Commissioners’ Scholarship

Photo courtesy of Montgomery County
From left, Commissioner Jim Fulwider, Kim Rater, scholarship winner Lucas Ranard, Dave Ranard and Commissioner John Frey are all smiles carrying on this tradition that is more than a century old.

Lucas Ranard, son of Jim Ranard and Kim Rater, was awarded the Commissioners’ Scholarship Tuesday morning in the commissioners’ meeting.

The scholarship is for four years tuition to Wabash College. The scholarship was set up on Dec. 15, 1892. The board of commissioners at that time: Jesse Carter, Roy F. Martin and Harry A. Coons donated $10,000 to Wabash College upon certain conditions, one of those being that Wabash College shall establish two perpetual scholarships which shall be at the disposal of the board of commissioners. This Commissioners Scholarship entitles commissioners to designate two male students who may attend Wabash College without the payment of tuition. If in the future Wabash College should admit young women, then the board of commissioners may designate either male or female students. The Commissioners Scholarship is awarded every even year to a Montgomery County student.

This scholarship is renewable for eight consecutive semesters provided the student remains in good standing with the college and makes normal progress towards graduating with his class.