Seth Carlson recipient of the McAllaster Honors Scholarship

Greenville University is pleased to name Seth Carlson of Linden, as a recipient of the McAllaster Honors Scholarship. This $20,500 scholarship is offered for fall 2022 and is renewable annually.

Seth exhibits the leadership qualities and academic excellence the University and scholarship sponsors look for when choosing a recipient.

The McAllaster Honors Scholarship program nurtures excellent students who are especially gifted to serve God and neighbor through the work of Christian learning and research.

“Learning is a joyous enterprise,” said longtime GU Professor of English Elva McAllaster, namesake of GU’s honors program. Students will understand what she meant when they take part in this intimate learning community with its rich academic, social, and spiritual experiences.

Program opportunities include uniquely challenging academic coursework, an honors thesis, and special events.

To qualify for the McAllaster Scholars program, students must have a high school GPA of 3.3 or higher. The program is limited to thirty students per year.

Seth will be a part of a group of scholars who will be trained for future leadership on campus, host events for other groups, and promote academic pursuits throughout the campus community.