January is National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and a time to celebrate everyone who is an inspiration and a role model for the youth of our country. Every child has the chance to achieve their dreams no matter where they come from or the obstacles they may need to overcome. But in order for their dreams to come to fruition, it oftentimes takes the support and guidance of many!

Mentoring comes in different forms, it may be a neighbor, teacher, family friend or through a specific mentoring program. It is vital for our youth to know they have the support and guidance from the caring adults in their life. At the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, that is the number one goal. The YSB wants to help the youth of its community thrive! All of the programs are designed to do just that! One program in particular, the JUMP program, provides mentors to be matched with the kids who want to have fun, learn new skills and get that extra attention that all kids need.

Jill Hampton stated, “I would like to say thank-you to all the volunteers in our JUMP program. They go over and above to spend time with their mentees, to share new adventures and the wisdom of their life experiences. It is not always easy to make time to volunteer but they all know the importance of being there for children and they give generously of their hearts and their time. It is truly amazing to see the difference that can make in the life of a child.”

The JUMP program appreciates the volunteers and the youth in its program year around but especially in January when the Nation is celebrating their contribution as well. To become a mentor in the JUMP program, you must be over the age of 21 and be able to commit to at least one year as a mentor. The process is not difficult, it consists of an interview, background checks, training and monthly reporting of the hours spent with their mentee. If you are interested, please contact Jill Hampton at 362-0694 ext. 103 or email To learn more about the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, visit or visit their Facebook page at

The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau is a United Way Partner Agency