There Are Two Sides To Everything

Dear Editor,

There are indeed two sides to everything and the country is more divided now than ever before. Here are the reasons why:

 My side had the country energy independent where we exported more oil than we imported and gas was $1.67 per gallon (on 1-20-21 in Warner Robins, GA.) Your side shut down the pipeline and stifled oil production with inane regulations, which has made us reliant on foreign oil and gas is now $4.39 per gallon. My side was building a wall to protect our southern border. Your side stopped the wall and has allowed over 2 million unvaxed and unvetted illegal aliens into our country. My side agrees with the Bible and believes that life begins at conception. Your side believes that murdering a child up to and even including birth is not only acceptable, but every woman’s right. My side thinks that parents have a right to know what their children are being taught in school. Your side calls such parents “domestic terrorists” and has them arrested at school board meetings. My side agrees with the Bible that there are only two genders. Your side believes that kids as young as first grade have a right to decide which gender they want to be and has fired teachers for not going along with such folly. My side thinks that boys should participate in boys sports and girls in girls sports. Your side believes that if a 200 pound boy “identifies” as a girl, he should be allowed to play against girls half his weight and that nobody should criticize him for it.  My side agrees with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that a person should be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. Your side believes that all white people are racist based strictly on their color and insists on shoving Critical Race Theory down our collective throats. My side believes criminals should be held accountable for their crimes. Your side cheered as BLM and Antifa burned down countless cities, destroyed billions of dollars of personal property and murdered innocent people. To add insult to injury, some folks on your side (Harris, Biden & Soros) paid the bail bonds of the criminals to keep them out of jail. My side “backs the blue.” Your side wants to defund the police and punish them for simply doing their jobs. My side thinks that if you don’t like guns, then you shouldn’t buy one. Your side doesn’t agree with the 2nd Amendment and demands that nobody be allowed to own a gun.  My side believes in free enterprise. Your side doesn’t think a business should be allowed to earn a profit. My side believes in fiscal conservatism. Your side believes in “tax and spend,” so now the national debt is over $30 trillion, which drives inflation to a 40-year high. Your side blames Putin for our high inflation rate. My side believes that requiring an ID to vote ensures election integrity and might reduce voter fraud. Your side believes that such a requirement is discriminatory and racist, even though IDs are routinely required to buy booze, board a plane, see a doctor, buy a gun or enter your child’s school. My side believes that kids who take out student loans should pay them back (like I did). Your side believes that student loans should be forgiven and that people who never even went to college should pay for them in the form of higher taxes. My side believes that the truth will set you free. Your side believes that a lie is as good as the truth if you can find somebody to believe it. (“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” to name just two out of thousands.)

Ron Carmony

Warner Robins, GA