Mentoring Is Fun!

The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau is running a series of profiles on the kids who are on the waiting list for the JUMP program. These kids have been waiting months to be matched with a mentor and are really looking forward to having an adult volunteer to spend time with them. The JUMP program is all about being present for a child and offering support and encouragement. This requires the adult volunteer spend a minimum of 4 hours per month and commit to one year of mentoring.

The name and age of the child for this article has been changed slightly for privacy purposes.

Jenna is a 7-year-old girl who live in a home with 3 other siblings. Jenna likes to do almost everything on the check list. She especially likes to go to parks, swim, play with barbies and do arts and craft activities. Jenna’s favorite color is pink and she wants to be a princess when she grows up. If she could have a special day to do anything she wanted she would like to go to the park, go swimming and eat at Applebee’s.

Jenna’s mom says she is outspoken, outgoing and quite a character! She said she enjoys playing outside and with her toys. Jenna’s mom says she does well in school but struggles somewhat with reading.

Jenna is very talkative and easy to spend time with. She has a great imagination and would be perfect for someone who wants to mentor a younger child.

If you are a female over the age of 21 or a couple who would like to mentor Jenna, please contact Jill Hampton at 362-0694 ext. 103 or email [email protected] To learn more about the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, visit or visit their Facebook page at

The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau is a United Fund Partner Agency.