The City Of Crawfordsville Announces Its Official New Brand

The City of Crawfordsville has announced its official new brand, including a fresh seal, logo and tagline, allowing the city to better market itself and engage with the community and its visitors.

The seal is a modern dedication to the historical General Lew Wallace Study & Museum, the logo reflects the Crawfordsville blend of downtown charm with the outdoor recreation offered to visitors and residents, and the city will promote the new tagline, “Crawfordsville. Be Here. Be Known,” emphasizing that Crawfordsville is an ideal destination where anyone can make a lifefor themselves.

“The City of Crawfordsville is a small, historic town with opportunities to attract diverse Hoosiers and beyond,” said Mayor Todd Barton. “That is the essence we wanted to capture with the new brand. We wanted to reflect our forward-thinking community. This community encompasses so many facets, and this brand not only nods to our history, but celebrates our progress, innovation, and quality of life.”

To accurately reflect the community, the City of Crawfordsville incorporated citizens’ opinions and perspectives throughout the rebranding process. Several steps were taken in crafting the new brand and logo including conducting extensive research to benchmark cities of similar size, demographic and economy; surveying local businesses, residents, leaders and visitors to determine the overall story; hosting a forum with key stakeholders to discuss the overarching perception and community needs; determining an asset analysis of interpreted strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and finalizing key messaging to increase traction and a positive perception of the community.

Collectively, the new brand – logo, tagline and seal – will work together to tell the story of Crawfordsville within the community and also those visiting. Each play a role in sharing the qualities that make Crawfordsville a place to live, work, play and visit.

Follow the City of Crawfordsville on social media to engage with the new brand and stay tuned over the next couple of months as the brand begins to rollout city-wide.