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The Challenge Group Photo
Please join us as we participate!

From left, Ma'i Cianciarulo, Donna Swank, Melissa Groumoutis, Adrienne Clouser, Jennifer Callis, Judi Kleine, Greg Kleine, Brad Monts, Melissa Myers, Missi Patton, Scott Hesler and Kandi Hargis

Standings % bw lost
Melissa Groumoutis 12%
Scott Hesler 11%
Jennifer Callis 9%
Kandi Hargis 7%
Greg Kleine 7%
Brad Monts 6%
Matt Walters 5%
Judi Kleine 5%
Missi Patton 5%
Donna Swank 5%
Adrienne Clouser 4%
Melissa Myers 1%
Ma'i Cianciarulo NA
Kara Edie NA
Terresa Hatke NA

Not pictured:

Chase Cummings NA%

The Challenge is back for another year!

The Challenge is another bright idea from your friends at The Paper of Montgomery County! This time, The Paper, Athena Sport & Fitness and Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health are partnering to raise money for the Montgomery County Boys & Girls Club through the Montgomery United Fund For You, or what it's commonly known by, MUFFY. Here's the way it works.

There are 16 local leaders who have volunteered to take on The Challenge. They will take part in a 10-week program through Athena Sport & Fitness with the goal of losing weight and getting more fit. Each of the 16 are also trying to get sponsorships from people and groups so that the more weight they lose, the more MUFFY makes!

Of course what would a Challenge be without a goal, right? So the winner -- that is the person who loses the largest amount of weight (by body percentage) will win $500 that they could use for a trip to a warm beach and the opportunity to add a few calories back with an umbrella drink or two!

That's where you can come in! To follow The Challenge, keep reading The Paper of Montgomery County and checking our website. If you want to learn more about these fine individuals, just click on the Challenge banner and then click on their name.

  • I would like to testify to the benefits of the workouts during the challenge. They were often painful in the beginning; however I gained a lot of flexibility and strength. Last week on our mission trip I could tell the difference.
  • Melissa and Scott are vying for that first spot!
    Who will be our Biggest Loser?
  • We had another round of tough workouts and again, this group persevered!
    A couple of times I heard "I cant do that!" But the next thing I knew that particular Challenger WAS doing it! 
  • It's amazing how much difference 5 weeks can make in a persons life! I've pushed myself further and harder than I thought I cld ever go and continue to amaze myself everyday! I'm pleased with my results this far but even more happy with the lifestyle changes in making and plan on keeping long after the challenge! I'm not seeing many pounds lost but the inches are melting away!
  • That 1/2 mile run this team did on Monday night made a few enemies for trainer Jonathon. But they did it!!
  • This group continues to amaze me. They are getting results because they do everything I put in front of them - no complaints.
  • This morning, I am anticipating our week 5 weigh-in with trepidation. We actually got an extra workout in on Saturday and our nutrition has been good. However, the stress level with work has been ratcheting up, which is never a good thing.
  • I was very nervous about joining a group and working out. I was so nervous I was having a little anxiety. Well maybe a lot of anxiety to be honest. I toughed it out and walked away from our first group workout feeling great!!! It was tough don't get me wrong but I had a feeling of accomplishment and I was excited for meeting new friends!

    Our second day of our group workout was even better! I was so sore walking into that workout which was a good thing because I knew I had accomplished something with the previous workout.

    Here we are week 5 and I have made so much progress!

  • The goal in starting THE CHALLENGE was to help myself while helping my community. Though I am accomplishing my goal, the challenge is real. I have lost 1.5 pounds, lost another 2 pounds, gained 1 pound and then lost 1/2 pound in the first 4 weeks. Yep only 3.5 pounds lost in 4 weeks! My original goal was to lose 2 pounds per week, so you can see where I am feeling a little frustrated. So, I am trying to look at things with another view. I feel good, my clothes feel better on me, and I know that the exercise is good for my health.

    I have been looking at my weight each day at home on my scale, so I am now putting the scale away. I am only going to look at my weight once a week at THE CHALLENGE weigh in.
  • We are getting ready to be weighed in for the 5th time. 
    The initial workouts were brutal, but I am firming up and getting stronger.
    The initial weigh ins were encouraging, but the weight loss has slowed.
    The encouragement from the fellow participants, Denise and John, has been wonderful. We have even decided to swap recipes of healthy food alternatives. I count these guys as new friends.
  • Week 3 in the Books!
    Wednesday’s workout was the last group workout of the week, and has this been a tough one! After finding out about what we had to do Monday night, I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive. I wasn’t sure if any of us were going to survive, but we all did! Let me tell you what we had to do… 
    Monday: There was a whiteboard with the alphabet written on it and along with each letter an exercise to do. 
  • This group is doing great! 
    As you can see Scott Heiser has lost the most weight and the largest percentage of body weight. But right behind him are Melissa G and Greg Cline

    We have really put this group through the paces and no one complains! They work very hard and are starting to reap the rewards! Great Job Everyone!! We are so proud of you!!
  • I am so proud of this group! Everyone is working hard and has a great attitude. We are off to a great start and I am looking for big changes in the group of men and women. Hang in there! It gets easier! It gets better! And you will actually look forward to a workout!!
Saturday, September 23, 2017
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