Indiana AFL-CIO re-elects Brett Voorhies and Shawn Christ

At the Indiana AFL-CIO 32nd Constitutional Convention earlier this week, union delegates re-elected Brett Voorhies and Shawn Christ to lead the state labor federation. This will be Brett Voorhies’s third term as President of the Indiana AFL-CIO and Shawn Christ’s 2nd term as Secretary-Treasurer.

“It is an honor to continue to represent working Hoosiers as President of the Indiana AFL-CIO,” Voorhies said. “This is a critical time for the labor movement. Workers are emboldened. They’ve recognized the value of their labor and the power they hold collectively. Hoosier unions stand ready to organize, bargain, and fight for the better wages, working conditions, and benefits that workers deserve. I am humbled to help lead that fight.”

The Indiana AFL-CIO is a federation of more than 400 local unions representing nearly 300,000 union members across the state.