Paper ad program offers help for shopping, hiring

The Paper of Montgomery County has once again stepped up to help local businesses.

Beginning this week, The Paper is offering holiday specials that dramatically reduce the cost of advertising by as much as 90 percent. There is no gimmick or hidden strings. Owners of The Paper are once again showing that local ownership matters.

“Going on 18 years we have said that we will invest back into this community,” Sen. Phil Boots – the chairman of the board for The Paper – said. “Whether it’s a subscription or an ad, the money people spend with us stays right here. We feel we have an obligation to give back. It’s the same thing we’ve done since before we opened our doors more than 17 years ago.”

It’s a strategy that has paid off. Last year, for the first time, The Paper became the largest daily in Montgomery County, passing the Journal-Review. And, according to numbers published by the Journal-Review, The Paper is even bigger today. On Sept. 28, the Journal-Review reported paid subscribers of 5,863. The Paper, for the same period, reported paid subscribers of 6,911.

Going into the holiday season The Paper is offering an advertising package that includes various ad sizes (ranging from small to quarter page) and daily free help wanted ads.

“We know that it’s a tough time to find help – and we thought we’d step up in that category,” Paper Publisher Tim Timmons said. “We have thousands of older readers – and many of them might indeed be interested in part-time work. It seems hiring full-time help is a challenge, so maybe a little creativity and bringing in multiple Baby Boomers part-time might work.”

Paper advertising professionals will be out and about offering this new package, but if any business would like to not wait, just call Montgomery County’s largest daily newspaper at 361-0100.