By The Numbers


By The Numbers, a look at what’s in the news . . . by the numbers. These are just numbers, not suggestions that they mean more or less than what they are. We do not suggest that one number is connected to another. These are simply facts with no extraneous details, bias or slanted reporting. To borrow (and perhaps mangle a bit) a quote from legendary fictional detective Joe Friday, it’s just the numbers, ma’am!


The Salvation Army of Montgomery County will kick off the annual Red Kettle Campaign Nov. 18th and will continue through Christmas Eve. Volunteers are needed to ring the bell on Thursday through Sunday at Crawfordsville Walmart and Kroger locations. Businesses, churches, community organizations, school groups, individuals and families who want to make a difference in Montgomery County are encouraged to ring the bell. Ringing takes place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and ringers are asked to commit to ringing for one or two hours.


Kelly Martin was the winner of the Inaugural New Richmond Chili Cook-Off which was held on November 6. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the purchase of toys to be given away at the annual town Christmas party in December. The event was sponsored by New Richmond Christian Church and $700 was raised by the eleven contestants. Photo courtesy of JK Photographics.


Southmont Jr.-Sr. High School played host for the Central West site of the 42nd Annual Indiana Bandmasters Association All-Region Honor Band on Saturday and Sunday. Southmont is one of 12 Indiana sites that will host an IBA event. Selected student musicians from 28 area junior high and high schools were featured, under the direction of guest conductor John Pinson. The 91-piece ensemble rehearsed together on-site for two days, followed by a performance last Sunday at 4 p.m. in the Southmont High School Auditorium.


The Boys & Girls Club of Montgomery County recently received a $4000.00 grant from Duke Energy to support the Club’s After School Program. The local club served over 1800 children in 2020 during the pandemic and is on track to serve over 3000 children this year. The Club has received National recognition for its National Youth Outcomes Initiative Survey results as the local club exceeded the results of all the Clubs nationwide.


Agriculture students at North Montgomery High School recently had Alicia Humphrey from AMVC Management Services, a local swine industry employer, to complement their coursework. . The interactive presentation focused on the global demand for pork and how pig farmers are playing a role in raising healthy pigs’ sustainably. Humphrey also showcased career opportunities at AMVC and across the pork industry. AMVC employs 35 people in the community at their sow farm, AMVC Crawfordsville.


Number of COVID-19 cases found so far in Montgomery County, according to the State Health Department.


How many people in Montgomery County who have lost their lives to the pandemic.


According to the Indiana State Department of Health, that’s how many Hoosiers have been diagnosed with the virus.


How many Hoosiers have died because of this pandemic.


According to the CDC, that’s how many Americans have been diagnosed with the virus.


How many Americans have lost their lives to the pandemic.