Is Community Christmas Dinner coming to an end?

By Joyce Fitzwater

Is this the end of an era for the Montgomery County Community Christmas Dinner?

My name is Joyce Fitzwater and I have been on the Christmas Dinner committee for more than 15 years and have chaired the event since 2010.

The dinner was started more than 40 years ago. I found an article that was printed in 2006 by Charna Blanton. She took over from Mildred Thompson who had started the dinner in local churches and then the armory. She wanted to “make it special.” That last year they served over 500 meals.

I remember when Blanton moved the event to the 4H building and we were serving 650 to 700 when I took over in 2010.

Then 2012 to 2014 the dinner was held at the old Elks Lodge location. In 2015 it was moved to First Baptist Church family life center, where it has been held since. 

We have served 1,200+ meals for the past 3 years so there is a need. 

With my restaurant and management experience, I have secured several key businesses and persons to make the preparations for the event pretty organized. Donations from local businesses and people have always covered any expenses needed.

I have enjoyed my time (this year being #11) chairing the event but have been asking for someone to take over for a couple years. 

I am hoping someone(s) will contact me and run with me this year as this will be my last year and I hope it isn’t the end of an era.

If interested or have questions, I can be reached at (765) 366-2341.

Joyce Fitzwater is the current chair of the Montgomery County Community Christmas Dinner.