Still time to get art in government center

There is still time for local artists to ensure their work is showcased in the new county government center that opens in a few months. If you are an artist who lives in Montgomery County, this program is specifically for you.

County officials are searching for artwork to grace the halls of the new center that used to be Williamsburg Health Center.
Not an artist? That’s OK. You can still be involved by purchasing a piece of art to be displayed.  
Right now at Athens Arts Gallery, [untitled] 2.0 is going on, a juried art exhibition. Art on display there could easily end up in the new government center. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get by the Gallery, located at 113 N. Washington St. in beautiful downtown Crawfordsville, and see some of the great work.

If you want to get involved artistically with the new government center by donating or selling your own artwork, donating or purchasing art in memory of a loved one or in some other way, contact Diana McCormick, Executive Director of Athens Arts Gallery at