VSO reports on efforts for Dec. 2021

Well hello everyone in Montgomery County. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I have had a total of 51 phone calls to my office, and I also had 11 vets come into my office during the month. If you are a veteran and have not taken your DD-214 up to the Courthouse at the Recorders Office and register it. It does not cost anything.

We now have two drivers for our vans — Hallelujah!  I also have two other drivers in the process of being certificated in the next month. I am still trying to get our new van released to us.  We will have it in our Christmas Parade.

If you have purchased a home this calendar year and you also have a VA Claim of 10% or more you can get a Certificate of Eligibility Disabled Veteran Tax Deduction for your home.  Just bring in your DD-214 along with a copy of your Summary of benefits you currently receive. By the way I will not be at the American Legion 72.

This month I will be at my office at 110 West South Blvd. which is just behind the Armory in Crawfordsville on Thursday all day from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.  It is just caddie corner to the Pizza Hut.  The best way to pull into the building and my door is just facing the Armory.

Also let’s not forget Dec. 7th 1941 as we were attacked in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and the next day we entered the Second World War.

Indianapolis VA Medical Center Transitions to New Website: the old website address will automatically redirect to the new address. VA used hundreds of hours of feedback to develop a website that provides everything veterans, families and caregivers need to prepare for a visit, get care and connect with a VA health care team, including Directions to VA Health care facilities, Phone Numbers, Parking and transportation information, Hospital and Clinic hours, Patient registration, making appointments and refilling prescriptions. It does include the Indianapolis VA Medical Center at 1481 W. 10th Street, as well as VA community clinics in : Brownsburg, Bloomington, Camp Atterbury, Crane, Martinsville, Lafayette, Pike Township YMCA, Shelbyville, and Terre Haute.

We have an opportunity to be a part of an MRI study for those who have been diagnosed with PTSD and the study is at Purdue University under Prof. Meden F. Isaac Lam and you can reach her at or you may phone her at (219) 241-2435.

PTSD Volunteers will be compensated $100 upon completion of the study. Diagnosed with PTSD (<_  10 years) with proof from clinician, Non Smoker. Or Diagnosed with PTSD (<_  10 years ) with proof from clinician smoking more than 1 pack per day for more than 1 year.

Joe Ellis is the Veterans Service Officer for Montgomery County. He sends in information from time to time and The Paper is proud to publish it as a service for our many local veterans.