Witham Health Services Foundation presents $10,000 to Camelot Care Center

Photo courtesy of Witham Health Services
Pictured are Michael’s grandparents, Dusty Sizemore, Camelot’s Administrator of Facilities, Cari Ann Clanton, Witham Health Services, Foundation Coordinator, Steve Bardoczi, Witham Health Services, VP Planning & Senior Services.

In July, the Witham Health Services Foundation was presented with a $10,000 anonymous donation in honor of Mr. Michael Marling who was a patient at the Camelot Care Center in Logansport, Indiana. Established in 1974 the Camelot Care Center has expanded into a 91 bed facility that offers 24-hour skilled nursing care for children and young adults. They have a well-respected history of caring for children and young adults with special mental and physical needs.

Mr. Michael Marling came to the Camelot Care Center in September 2020. It was said by staff that Michael was a great kid to care for and he was always smiling. “Michael loved interacting with staff, his face would just light up when engaging with someone” said Dusty Sizemore, Camelot’s Administrator of Facilities. Unfortunately Mr. Marling spent just six short months at the Camelot Care Center before passing away on July 28, 2021.

The Camelot Care Center plans to use this generous donation to purchase items such as iPads, portable DVD players, an outdoor movie projector and screen, tumble form chairs, tactile boards, an electronic game system and a gazebo. These purchases will enable the children to have additional visual and tactile stimulation to enhance their overall psychosocial well-being.

“Witham Health Services is a proud partner of the Camelot Care Center and the Foundation is honored to present $10,000 in memory of Michael Marling for additional enrichment material for the children they care for” said Cari Ann Clanton, Coordinator of the Witham Health Services Foundation. If you would like more information about the Foundation, please contact Cari Ann Clanton at 765-485-8112 or