Community Christmas dinner needs help

The courthouse tree is beautiful and bright, and you can make Christmas beautiful and bright for others by volunteering. 
Photo courtesy Jessica Leahy

The good news, organizer Joyce Fitzwater reports, is that monetary donations have come in volume this year. Fitzwater says they are so very appreciative!

However, there is still a strong need for volunteers to help on Christmas Day.

Fitzwater says volunteers can come at 9:30 and be home by noon. There’s a need for helping prep the meal, and If you are an early riser and perhaps have the morning free, please consider volunteering your time. For those who have the afternoon free, come at noon to help in the dining room.

In addition, Fitzwater reports, there is still a need for desserts for Christmas Day, and for delivery drivers.

If you can volunteer your time, not only will you not regret it one tiny bit, but you will truly make Christmas special for many, many people.

If you can, please call Fitzwater at (765) 366-2341. Merry Christmas to all!