Montgomery County Board Of Commissioners

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

8 a.m.

100 E. Main Street – Room 103

Crawfordsville, IN  47933

Call to Order:  Board President John E. Frey

Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer

Consent Agenda

Approval of Claims:  Dec. 13, 2021 to Dec. 28, 2021

Accounts Payable: $________ & Payroll Claims: ________

Approval of Meeting Minutes:  Dec. 13, 2021

Award Wabash College 2022 Commissioners Scholarship

New Business

Accept 2022 Annual Bids – Highway Department

2022 Contracts

Purdue Extension Agreement

Section Corner Perpetuation Agreement

Animal Welfare League

USI Bridge Inspection Contract

USI 2022 PASER Agreement

Acknowledge Receipt: 2021 Annual Risk Management Report

Acknowledge Receipt: 2021 Internal Controls Report

Approval of unused PTO Payout for Deputies Injured on the Job


2nd Reading Ordinance 2021-43: Establish 2022 Veterans Treatment Court Grant Fund

2nd Reading Ordinance 2021-44: Establish 2022 Family Recovery Court Grant Fund

Introduction Ordinance 2021-45: Establish Commissioner and Council 


Resolution 2021-24:  Approving Trinity Horizons Agreement

Resolution 2021-25:  Approving 2022 Commissioner Meeting Schedule

Resolution 2021-26:  Approving Sheriff’s Compensation Agreement

Resolution 2021-27:  Approving Building/Zoning Commissioner & Approving Employment Agreement

Resolution 2021-28:  Appointing County Engineer & Approving Employment Agreement

Resolution 2021-29   Appointing County Highway Director & Approving Employment Agreement

Resolution 2021-30:  Appointing Mapping Director & Approving Employment Agreement

Resolution 2021-31:  Appointing County Attorney & Approving Engagement Letter

Other Business


*Agenda subject to change*

Montgomery County acknowledges its responsibility to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  In order to assist individuals with disabilities who require special services (i.e. sign interpretive services, alternative audio/visual devices, and amanuenses) for participation in or access to County sponsored public programs, services, and/or meetings, the County requests that individuals makes requests for these services forty-eight (48) hours ahead of the scheduled program, service, and/or meeting.  To make arrangements, contact ADA/Title VI Coordinator Lori Dossett @ 765-361-2623.

**Next meeting Monday, Jan. 10, 2022 @ 8 a.m.**