SSS Cheer Campaign tops 14k

Crawfordsville High School and Tri Kappa Sorority Sunshine Society Cheer Campaign has completed its second week. This community outreach program raised more than $20,000 a year ago and has set a goal of $15,000 this year.

Anyone may donate. Some donations are anonymous, some are in memory of family or friends.

The Paper of Montgomery County and other media will publish lists with the names of the donations. It’s important to note that all donations stay in this community.

The Society campaign began 110 years ago.

Here is the next weekly report for the 2021 Cheer Certificate Campaign. So far, there has been $4,301.07 raised.

Donations received from the following: $50 Marguerite Ross & Marilyn Smith in memory of Elton Ross; $100 Nellie Mathews in memory of Tom Mathews; $100 Anonymous in memory of Emmett & Ruby Bowman, Don, Arlene and David Lavold; $25 Mr & Mrs. Dennis Pulliam in memory of Floyd & Leta Pulliam; $25 Children & Families in memory of Herbert & Ruth Tracy; $100 Anonymous; $100 Charles & Claudette Russell; $100 Loyal & Diana Bell in memory of Dale & Pat Cochran, Joe & Vera Bell, Jack & Louise Wolf; $100 The family in memory of DeLynn Cook Dubber; $100 Rosemary M. Lyon in memory of Allen Lyon, Jim Burkhardt, Mike Burkhardt; $100 Flossie Kiley in memory of all family and loved ones; $500 Anonymous; $25 Arthur & Jeanie Buck in memory of our parents; $100 Jan Austin in memory of John Austin; $50 Janice Endicott in memory of Tom Endicott; $150 Anonymous in memory of Jane M. Wilson & Karen Lynn Wilson; $50 Roger & Becky Dice in memory of Loved Ones; $100 Anonymous; $25 Bob & Carolyn Snyder in memory of Our Mothers; $50 Robin Garman in memory of Dale & Marg; $500 Wilmoth Property Management Group; $25 Duane Clements in memory of Andy & Janet