By The Numbers

By The Numbers, a look at what’s in the news . . . by the numbers. These are just numbers, not suggestions that they mean more or less than what they are. We do not suggest that one number is connected to another. These are simply facts with no extraneous details, bias or slanted reporting. To borrow (and perhaps mangle a bit) a quote from legendary fictional detective Joe Friday, it’s just the numbers, ma’am!

Nearly one-third (30 percent) of U.S. home fires involving Christmas trees occur in January. With this post-holiday fire hazard in mind, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) strongly encourages everyone to keep the festive memories and remove the hazards by disposing of Christmas trees promptly after the holiday season.

$46 million

Once again, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) and his staff set records for the number of constituents represented in cases before federal agencies this year. In 2021, Senator Young’s office resolved more than 2,500 constituent issues and returned more than $46 million owed to Hoosiers by various government agencies.


Four Tipmont REMC lineworkers are part of a 30-person delegation of crews and equipment to assist with the power restoration effort in Virginia after winter storms moved through the state. The area’s electric distribution system sustained major damage.


Crawfordsville High School and Tri Kappa Sorority Sunshine Society Cheer Campaign has topped their goal this year of $15,000. They are still hoping to also top last year’s mark of $20,000. Anyone may donate. Some donations are anonymous, some are in memory of family or friends.


The holiday break is over for many Indiana students, and local food banks say their goal is to ensure kids have enough to eat this semester. One in every seven Hoosier children faces hunger at home, according to the nonprofit Feeding America.


Number of COVID-19 cases found so far in Montgomery County, according to the State Health Department.


How many people in Montgomery County who have lost their lives to the pandemic.


According to the Indiana State Department of Health, that’s how many Hoosiers have been diagnosed with the virus.


How many Hoosiers have died because of this pandemic.


According to the CDC, that’s how many Americans have been diagnosed with the virus.


Many Americans have lost their lives to the pandemic.