Daily Almanac: May 2, 2022


RISE: 6:46 a.m.

SET: 8:43 p.m.

High/Low Temperatures:

High: 70 °F

Low: 47 °F

Today is…

• Brothers and Sisters Day

• National Truffle Day

• World Tuna Day

What Happened On This Day:

• 1989 The Iron Curtain begins to crumble as Hungary dismantles its border fence

• 1997 Tony Blair becomes British Prime Minister, ending 18 years of Conservative Party reign

• 2011 Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. commando

Births On This Day:

• 1729 Catherine the Great

Russian wife of Peter III of Russia

• 1975 David Beckham

English footballer, coach

Deaths On This Day:

• 1519 Leonardo da Vinci

Italian painter, sculptor, architect

• 1972 J. Edgar Hoover

American, 1st Director of the FBI