Southmont Schools Board of Trustees

Regular School Board Meeting

Corporation Board Room

Monday, Aug. 8, 2022 – 6 p.m.


Executive Session

The Board of School Trustees will meet in Executive Session on Monday, Aug. 8, 2022 at 5 p.m. in the corporation board room to receive information about and interview prospective employees, to discuss a job performance evaluation of individual employees and to train school board members with an outside consultant about the performance of the role of the members as public officials, pursuant to I.C. 5-14-1.5-6.1.

Public Meeting

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call

IV. Revisions to Agenda

V. Public Comments (Agenda Items Only):

VI. Consent Agenda: (minutes, monthly claims, field trips/facilities usage, contributions/gifts and personnel)

Minutes from previous meetings



-Wendy Myers – Communications Director and District Assessment Coordinator.

-Approve resignation of Casie Allen – Elementary Teacher – New Market – effective July 8, 2022.

-Approve resignation of Cindy Armbruster – Special Education Teacher – Southmont Jr. High School – effective August 1, 2022.

-Rachel Welliever – Elementary PE Teacher – New Market.

-Laura Duncan – Special Education Teacher – Southmont High School.

-Transfer Mitchell Dehne from Business Teacher to PE Teacher.

-Move Elizabeth Nave from Instructional Coach to 5th grade Teacher @ New Market.

-Move Kayla Maddock from Title One to 4th grade Teacher @ New Market.

-Move Lou Ann Neff (ESSER) Resource Teacher to Title One Teacher.

-Jennifer Jeffers – 2nd grade Teacher @ New Market Elementary.

-Taylor Zarse – Special Education Teacher – Southmont High School.

-Shelley Allen – Business Teacher – Southmont High School.

-Amanda Clark – Kindergarten Teacher – New Market Elementary.

-Tyler Davis – Elementary Teacher – Ladoga Elementary – ESSER Funds.

-Megan Cregger – Preschool Instructor – New Market Elementary.

-Kelly Shannon – Kindergarten Teacher – Walnut Elementary.

-Brenda Walters – Instructional Assistant – Walnut Elementary.

-Katherine Lashley – Full Time Sub – Southmont Jr. High School.

-Debra Edwards – Full Time Sub – Southmont High School.

-Vanessa Jones – Instructional Aide – Southmont Jr. High School.

-Olivia Bobenmoyer – Preschool Aide – Ladoga Elementary.

-Alisa Haworth – Preschool Aide – New Market Elementary.

-Trinaty Carr – Preschool Aide – New Market Elementary.

-Rebekah Thomas – Instructional Aide – Southmont High School.

-Chloe Linzie – Instructional Aide – Southmont Jr. High School.

-Kelly Kerkhoff – Instructional Aide – Walnut Elementary.

-Approve resignation of Ken Dooley – Instructional Assistant – Southmont High School – effective July 27, 2022.

-Dan Chadd – Administrative Assistant @ New Market – $500.00.

-Dana Hunt – Administrative Assistant @ New Market – $500.00.

-Brian King – Administrative Assistant @ Walnut – $500.00.

-Kristin Paris – Co-Administrative Assistant @ Ladoga – $250.00.

-LeeAnn Thompson – Co-Administrative Assistant @ Ladoga – $250.00.

-Jennifer Snook – Elementary Spell Bowl Sponsor – $125.00.

-Kelly Shannon – JH Cross Country Coach – Volunteer.

-Jarrett Todd – 6th grade Football Coach – $1053.00.

-Eric Mason – 6th grade Assistant Coach – ½ stipend – $526.50.

-Chris Sering – 6th grade Assistant Coach – ½ stipend – $526.50.

-Brooke Bellendir -6th grade Volleyball Coach – $814.00.

-Cathy Zimmerman – 6th grade Volleyball Coach – Volunteer.

-Matt Priebe – JH Girls Assistant Soccer Coach – Volunteer.

-Arch Alexander – JH Assistant Soccer Coach – Volunteer.

-Jose Gomez – JH Assistant Soccer Coach – Volunteer.

-Lauren Witherspoon – Varsity Assistant Volleyball Coach – $2000.00.

-Riley Shaner – Freshman Volleyball Coach – $1123.00.

-Sydney Scherry – Varsity Assistant Volleyball Coach – Volunteer.

-Reese Long – Varsity Assistant Boys Tennis Coach – Volunteer.

-High School Boys & Girls Tennis Teams to attend the ATP Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, OH on Aug. 14, 2022.

-Approve supervised detention on Thursday afternoons at the high school beginning Aug. 25 through the end of school.

-SA-5 Reports from Central Office, Ladoga Elementary, New Market Elementary, Walnut Elementary and Southmont Jr. – Sr. High School for the period of Jan. 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022.

-Approve the School Resource Officer Agreement

VII. Report from Superintendent

1. Approve the proposal from Equitable Education Solutions.

2. Approve changes to the South Montgomery Community School Corporation Evaluation and Development System.

3. Approve K-12 Classroom Instructional Aides pay to $14.00/hour.

4. NEOLA Board Policies Updates – 1st reading.

VIII. Report from Director of Business (Mrs. Kristin Charles)

IX. Reports from Director of Operations (Mr. Mike Tricker)

X. Adjournment