E & P chronicles newspaper news

Publishing trade magazine boasts 100+ year history


For The Paper

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said once that to catalogue all the word’s information, something the company expects to do, it will take approximately 300 years to complete. In a sense, Editor & Publisher magazine has the jump on the tech giant, with 138 years already under its belt.

Spawned from previous publications, the oldest of which –– the weekly The Journalist –– the self-described “bible of the newspaper industry” dates its existence to the year 1884. Editor & Publisher magazine first appeared under the current banner in 1909.

It was the Golden Age of newspapers, when a single publication might distribute as many as 500,000 copies each and every day. Giants of the industry and American history –– like Hurst, Pulitzer, Connelly and Lish –– were as legendary as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are today.

E&P covers all aspects of the newspaper industry, focusing on circulation data, job listings and industry awards. Today the trade publication is expanding its coverage into podcasts and voice. Media consultant firm Mike Blinder’s Curated Experiences Group purchased Editor & Publisher  in 2019, and the company is headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif.