A Salute To Prep Athletes, One Last Time

One doesn’t need to look at a calendar to know spring is well under way. That means not too long from now, caps and gowns will be the order of the day . . . and boys and girls who are on the cusp of becoming young men and women will don the uniform bearing an Athenian, Mountie or Charger one final time. For some, daresay most, it marks the end of athletic careers that might’ve begun years ago. A few others might continue on the athletic path, either in college or some other avenue.

The future is not the point.

Never again will they represent their high school.

Many of us remember those days. They were long ago but feel far nearer. We recall the dramatic wins and losses on the field or the court. Perhaps more than anything though, we remember the camaraderie. We recollect – and miss – what seemed like endless times together. Long bus rides, unhappy coaches, reviled opponents, all of which were great irritations then . . . yet pleasant memories that bring a smile today.

At the time, it seemed endless. We know better now.

The energy of youth is replaced by the wisdom of age. As it should be.

So we salute the Lady Chargers, Mounties and Athenians on the tennis courts, the softball diamonds and the track. We tip our caps to the SHS, NMHS and CHS boys from the golf course, the track and the baseball diamonds. Whether they have their last appearance as a high school athlete at sectional, or advance and survive for another week or three, their time is now.

We remember. They will, too.

-Two cents, which is about how much Timmons said his columns are worth, appears periodically on Wednesdays in The Paper. Timmons is the publisher of The Paper and can be contacted at [email protected]