Lew Wallace Study Completes Structural Assessment Of Historic Lew Wallace Carriage House

Grants from Montgomery County Community Foundation and Indiana Landmarks funded project.

The General Lew Wallace Study & Museum is pleased to announce the completion of a project that studied the structural condition and long-term maintenance of the historic 1870 Lew Wallace Carriage House.

This building is the oldest structure on the Lew Wallace Museum campus and was rehabilitated in 2005. It serves as the museum welcome center, education building, staff offices, and artifact storage. Since it opened to the public in 2006 almost 100,000 people have visited the building and our collections storage area has been fully utilized. With this significant use, the board and staff felt it was prudent for the long term maintenance of the building to assess its current condition.

The assessment was completed by Ratio Architects and Lawson Elser Engineers. While the building is in generally good condition there were some areas of concern noted and the board of the Lew Wallace Museum will begin planning for projects that will assure the long term stability of the building so that it can continue to serve the public.