Why Men Are Choosing Healthier Lifestyles

Men no longer feel the pressure to have super fit bodies with six-pack abs and big muscles to be attractive. Many men now prefer the dad bod, which is a softer and more relaxed physique. It shows that a man is comfortable with himself. The dad bod is not just about looks; it also means living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Men are choosing the dad bod because they are focusing on things beyond their careers. They prioritize hobbies, travel, and spending time with loved ones.

Being financially well is important for men’s overall health because unexpected medical events can affect their money and general well-being. To protect themselves from the burden of unexpected medical expenses, men should have good health insurance, save money for emergencies, and regularly see the doctor. This way, they can live a fulfilling life with their family.

Life can be stressful with work deadlines and problems in relationships. Instead of dealing with stress in unhealthy ways like drinking or overeating, many men are finding healthier ways to cope. They try things like meditation, exercise, or talking to someone. By managing stress in a healthy way, men can enjoy life more and avoid getting overwhelmed.

Anxiety and depression are common mental health problems that can greatly affect men’s well-being, relationships, and daily life. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with these problems, but men often don’t get diagnosed because people expect them to be strong and independent. This can stop men from seeking help for anxiety and depression, even though they are more likely to take their own lives than women, according to the World Health Organization.

Anxiety and depression can also affect how men take care of their children. Men who have these problems may find it hard to connect with their children or be involved in parenting. They may struggle to control their emotions and get impatient. Also, men with anxiety or depression may have trouble showing good behaviors to their children. This can create a cycle of negative behavior that affects their children’s well-being and growth. PMID 30202331

It’s very important for men with anxiety or depression to seek help and support to manage these problems. By doing this, they can better handle their feelings, connect with their children, and show good behaviors. Men should not feel embarrassed or ashamed about seeking help because many people have mental health problems and they can be treated. Taking care of these problems can make men feel better overall and have better relationships and lives.

Exercise and eating healthy food are important for keeping the body and mind healthy. That’s why more and more men are trying to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Jogging, lifting weights, or playing sports are great ways to increase physical activity. Try focusing on eating foods that are nutrient dense like fruits and vegetables instead of empty calories like beer and potato chips.

In conclusion, the dad bod is not just a trend. It represents a healthier and more balanced lifestyle that many men are choosing. By focusing on their overall health and taking care of themselves, men can live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Remember: “Healthy men, strong men: Let’s take charge of our health!” This men’s health awareness message is brought to you by your local Purdue Extension partner, your education partner for life.

Article brought to you by the Purdue Extension Men’s Health Team

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– Monica Nagele is the County Extension Director and educator of health and human science for the Montgomery County Purdue Extension.