Israel Response Will Be Watched

By: Tim Timmons

Don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert. Been even longer since I was at one of those events held out in the open with acts coming and going over an extended period of time.

The last time was in another state and what felt like a lifetime or three ago. I do remember having more than a few cold beverages – and not sure how reliable the memory is after that.

Still, the day brings back a good memory. Good weather, good friends, good music.

Perhaps you have a similar memory?

If so, imagine that in the middle of this pleasant experience you hear what sounds like a gunshot. Then another. And another. Soon, guys with guns are everywhere. People are being shot. Shot!

Imagine running for your life.

To no avail.

Pleasant turns to panic. Happiness to horror.

That’s exactly what hundreds of mostly young adults in Israel went through during the opening moments of the invasion by Hamas.

To be clear, I am no expert on Israel. My wife and I were fortunate enough to be visitors there for a short period. If you are a believer, a religious person, you know Israel is a special place. Even if you are not, the idea that all your neighbors want you dead should resonate deeply.

As of this writing, the world is waiting for the Israeli Defense Force to go into Gaza and begin rooting out the evil that is Hamas. I am sure that the media will report on story after story of how Israel is now in the wrong. There will be innocent people who die. Cameras will be there to record the horrific events of war – and Israel will be blamed.

I believe we will hear a great deal about “proportional responses” and how Israel has gone overboard.


Did anyone talk about a proportional response after terrorists flew airliners into U.S. buildings a couple of decades ago? Would we have cared?

We made retribution for that dastardly act a mission that carried over into two presidential administrations – one Republican and one Democrat. What George W. Bush started, Barrack Obama finished when Navy SEALS hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden.

God bless them.

How can there be a proportional response for people who indiscriminately kill families, who kill babies?

Have you seen the videos?

A terrorist swings a shovel repeatedly onto the neck of a dead Israeli soldier in an effort to decapitate. Another shows a terrorist walking up to a wounded civilian lying helplessly on the ground and simply pointing their weapon at them and pulling the trigger. In Kfar Aza 40 babies were found murdered. Early reports indicated they were beheaded. That was later disputed. Does it matter? Forty babies were killed.

It’s evil. Evil like the world has only seen a few times.

For those who are calling for a rapid and peaceful solution – well, from your lips to God’s ears. But I fear that God isn’t the only supernatural force in play here. People who kill families, who murder babies, don’t understand God. And they certainly don’t understand proportional responses.

Astoundingly, there are multiple pundits who claim that such atrocities are fake news. Forget the fact that there are videos. Forget the fact that soldiers, journalists and people who live there have said they have seen the bodies first-hand. Some are denying it. The only explanation I can come up with is that it doesn’t fit their narrative.

The truth and painful reality is that Israel is a nation of 9 million people surrounded by enemies who want them dead.

Surrounded. By. Enemies.

And what some folks – those calling for Israel to back down, to ease up with military actions – will never understand is that there are times when you have to fight. There are times when turning the other cheek doesn’t work. We would like to say, to believe with all of our hearts, that reason will prevail. We want to think that we can bring everyone to the negotiating table and find some sort of peaceful solution.

But how do you find peace when one side only wants to squash you out of existence?

There’s a lesson for us here in the U.S., too. We have enemies who want what we have. We also have an open border where millions have come into our country unchecked for a few years. Could what happen in Israel happen here?

And if it did, what would we do today? More than two decades ago, 9-11 galvanized us, brought all sides together. Would we unite again? Answer this. Where is the outrage over the 29 Americans who were killed by Hamas? Where is someone like Bush or Obama telling Hamas that no matter what Israel does, we will hunt down those who killed our citizens and make them pay?

Where is our national will?

Again, as of this writing the world is watching and waiting to see what Israel does. Here’s wishing them the very best in their mission.

-Two cents, which is about how much Timmons said his columns are worth, appears periodically on Wednesdays in The Paper. Timmons is the publisher of The Paper and can be contacted at [email protected].