This would seem to be an appropriate time to answer a question many of us at The Paper of Montgomery County have been asked a thousand times – why?

Why create a daily newspaper? Why do it in Montgomery County? Why take on an established paper? Why leave jobs and security behind to take a risk on a new venture, because all new businesses are to some degree a risk?

The answers aren’t really all that complex. Many of us are the newspaper equivalent of gym rats. We’ve grown up in newspapers, either reading or working, or both. All of us call Montgomery County home. The vast majority of our owners and our employees either were raised here, or have long since made this home.

We mean no offense to the Journal Review, but none of us felt that we were challenging a giant. The company that owns the Journal, nice folks that they are, have only owned it since 1999. Truth be told, the employees in our company probably have more seniority with the Journal and its former owner than the current employees of the JR. No disrespect intended. It’s just a fact.

Ultimately, this company has a belief. The belief is that if we treat you, our customers and potential customers well; if we produce a daily news product that meets your wants and needs; and if we have a customer base that patronizes our advertiser base . . . well, we believe that will work.

Not to bore you, but we’ve got a few other beliefs. We believe in having a good workplace and treating people fairly. We believe in being heavily involved in the community. And we believe that having employees and owners who live and work right here in Montgomery County is vastly better than the alternative.

We’ve seen example after example of decisions made in other states that negatively impact local jobs and lives here.

So, here we are. In the past year, we’ve added well more than $1 million to the local economy. We’ve donated more than $70,000 to local charities and organizations. We’ve created more than 40 new jobs.

It indeed seems appropriate that on this day of Thanksgiving we celebrate our first anniversary. We truly are thankful. And we’ve done – and will continue to do – our best to serve you. Thank you, Montgomery County, for the opportunity.