The numbers just keep going up.
Two additional deaths in Montgomery County were reported by the state and county health departments, along with more confirmed cases of the COVID-19 infection.
The death toll here now is at five.
It was just two weeks ago when an isolated outbreak at Ben Hur Health & Rehabilitation pushed Montgomery County’s number of confirmed cases from 36 to 50 with no fatalities. Since then, the number has exploded to 140.
As is the standard, the county has initiated contact investigations.
In related news, the Montgomery County Commissioners Monday morning chose to continue the declaration of a public health emergency.
This declaration was first made on March 16 because of the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In light of the continued growth of the numbers of confirmed cases in Montgomery County and the increasing number of fatalities, the commissioners opted to extend the order to June 15.
This means that:
• Local disaster emergency plans are activated
• Certain procedures and formalities otherwise required by law are suspended
• The President of the Board is authorized to approve claims, certain types of contracts with the State of Indiana and can issue emergency orders
• All meetings of the Montgomery County government are canceled until further notice
• All county employees are deemed to be essential employees
• Limitations regarding access to county facilities are extended
In addition, there are several other provisions that go into effect, that include details on who can submit claims, enter into contracts, etc.